Developing Leaders and Guiding Organisational Success Since 1985

Corporate Crossroads is a consulting, training and coaching firm, focussed on creating positive and permanent changes for both individuals and organisations. The firm’s founders – Walter and Shana Bellin – each have over 30 years of experience in working with small to very large private sector corporations and public sector organisations of all kinds. To supplement this extensive understanding of the industry, all of our consultants are highly experienced professionals with at least twenty years of working knowledge within this field.

The main focus of our work is the following areas:

  • Leadership training, coaching and development for professionals, managers and executives.
  • Helping organisations build vision and values guided high performance cultures.
  • Building high levels of co-operation, collaboration, trust and respect both within and between teams
  • Helping individuals and organisations become more resilient, adaptable, optimistic and capable of finding meaning and purpose in their day to day work.

All growth and development – whether as individuals, leaders or organisations – always involves change. Our work is focussed on achieving transformational change – that is deep and lasting positive change in mindsets, behaviour and improved performance.

We employ a wide range of change techniques – including (but not limited to) mindfulness training – including mindfulness meditation, cognitive behavioural techniques, neuro linguistic programming (NLP), guided imagery processes and a range of experiential learning activities – and our own comprehensive and unique psychological profiling system called the “Q12”.

Our work with individuals and organisations strongly emphasises improved performance and success for themselves – but also emphasises making contributions to the communities in which they live and work and to a sustainable future for our planet.