Leadership Development

Our leadership development programmes are based on the fundamental premise that truly great leadership is the result of much more than possessing a set of leadership skills. At its best, leadership is based on the leaders having certain human character traits and capabilities that cause people to trust, be inspired by and be willing to join the leader in pursuing his/ her vision. These character traits and capabilities include (but are not limited to):

  • Accurate and in depth self awareness;
  • Courage, integrity and honesty;
  • The ability to remain calm and steady under pressure or in a crisis;
  • The capability of envisioning and communicating a compelling vision of the organisations aspirations;
  • Humility;
  • Insight into and empathy towards others;
  • The ability to “walk the talk;
  • Resilience and tenacity
  • And above all – Authenticity

Acquiring and nurturing these kinds of character traits and capabilities is a process of personal development that requires increasing the leader’s level of awareness or consciousness. This includes:

  • Awareness of ourselves – of our emotional states and how these affect out behaviour, of our strengths and current limitations and of our basic mindset in approaching our work and workplace relationships
  • Awareness of others – including their emotional states and how these affect their behaviour, their strengths and current limitations and their basic mindset in approaching their work and workplace relationships. This kind of awareness is crucial to increasing emotional intelligence, which, in turn, is central to developing that kinds of character traits and capabilities described above.

Our leadership programmes are designed to both enable and inspire participants to undertake this journey of increased awareness and personal development, starting from whatever developmental level they have currently achieved. The net result is leaders that are far more capable of delivering the outcomes that they, their companies or organisations desire.