Teambuilding Programmes

Our teambuilding programmes are designed individually to meet the specific needs of each client. We work with senior management teams or teams at any level within any part of the organisation. There are three areas central to all of our teambuilding programmes:

  • Gaining the alignment of the team with the vision and major objectives of the larger organisation within which the team works.
  • Facilitating high levels of co-operation, collaboration, trust and respect within each team and between different teams
  • Building good communication and listening skills within each team and between different teams.

We use experiential learning methodologies on all of our teambuilding workshops. These include teambuilding activities that simulate a wide variety of challenges encountered in workplace settings. We have activities that can be used outdoors or indoors depending on the wishes of our clients and weather conditions.

After the activities extensive debriefing will be used to draw out the lessons learnt through the activities. Each team’s responses will be analysed in terms of the group paradigm (the underlying shared beliefs, attitudes and assumptions which generated their approach to the games).  The success of different paradigms and practicesin generating effective communication and teamwork will be evaluated.  Emphasis will be placed on those inputs that generate the most effective communication and teamwork behaviour, thereby setting the foundation for a strong, unifying, values based team culture.

The results of this debriefing will be directly related to the intended future approaches to be used by participants when building a strong team culture in their daily workplace setting.