Professional Coaching Services

Our coaches work in partnership with managers and executives to assist them in mastering the capabilities that are essential to authentic and successful leadership performance. We begin the partnership by assisting managers or executives to become clear about exact outcomes they wish to achieve through the coaching sessions. Within the framework of these desired outcomes there are usually five components that become part of the coaching process for each individual client.

  • Facilitate a deeper self awareness of the natural strengths they already possess and assist them in developing strategies to more fully utilise these strengths.
  • Assist them in understanding their current limitations and in devising strategies and plans for overcoming and mastering these limitations.
  • Help build their capability for seeing new possibilities and potentials in their day to day work, and enabling them to provide new and innovative ways of approaching both problems and opportunities.
  • Assist them in developing both strategic thinking skills and the emotional intelligence based people skills essential to their leadership role.
  • Assist them in developing the combination of humility and high self esteem and self confidence as a person and in their management and leadership role.

All of our coaches are highly trained professionals with many years of experience in coaching executives and managers.